Defyant ant-barrier feet with zinc-plated coupling nuts, set of 6

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For the do-it-yourselfer to use in your apiary projects: Each set includes 6 feet and 6 zinc-plated coupling nuts. Our ant-barrier feet maintain the qualities of the original Defyant Stands. Adjustable from 4 3/8" to 5 1/2" height. Width of each foot is 4 1/4". All dimensions approximate.

Cups and deflectors made of aluminum. Threaded rod is zinc-plated steel. 2 1/8" long coupling nuts are zinc-plated.

To set up, raise deflectors and add oil (not included) to keep ants from climbing up into your hives. Lower deflector to keep rain, debris and animals out of oil. Leave a small gap between the cup and the deflector that ants won't cross.

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 Product No. DFZCN6

NOT for use in applications requiring welding as welding zinc-plating produces toxic fumes. (For welded applications, use our feet with unplated coupling nuts.