Ant Proof Stand for 8-frame hive

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This light but strong stand will help you ant proof your beehives and honey. Improved weather-resistance. Holds an 8-frame Langstroth beehive or flow hive. Level hive easily -    up to an inch side-to-side & back-to-front. Strong support for brood box & supers (not included). Feet design uses "moat" barrier with adjustable rain & debris deflectors.

4 feet are included with every stand.

Aluminum. Threaded rod legs of galvanized steel. Assembly: Thread "feet" onto stand, leveling directions included. Add oil (we use olive oil.) Set hive on stand. Recommended to place the stand on cinder blocks or wooden beams to elevate above any surrounding vegetation.

Maintenance: periodically remove vegetation from around hive and stand feet. Check oil levels in feet.

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    Any proof stands

    Posted by CATHY STEPHENS on Feb 21st 2024

    Very pleased with this product!

  • 5
    Defyant stand: moats

    Posted by Christina M. on Aug 3rd 2021

    I am very impressed by this product! On my property there has to be at least 17 different kinds of ant species. I was having a problem with them wanting to go into the hive and successfully going into the upper box I'm using to supplemental feed, they figured out the sugar water was there and started attacking the hive. I couldn't be more pleased with this product!

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    No More Ants!

    Posted by Linda on May 31st 2019

    Having lost a hive to ant invasion, we are so happy to have found this product. It is light weight but the 8-frame boxes are very secure. Easily leveled, and easy to maintain the barrier fluid (we use olive oil). Excellent product!

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    Best hive stand!

    Posted by Ashleigh on Nov 2nd 2018

    Ants are always taunting my hives- since I purchased this stand I have not seen one ant on my hives. It makes me rest easy.