Ant Proof Stand for 5-frame Nuc

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Ant proof your nucleus bee colony or queen-rearing operation. Holds an 5-frame Langstroth Nuc (not included). Inside dimension: 9 3/4" wide.

Level hive easily - up to an inch side-to-side & back-to-front. 4 feet are included with every stand. Feet design uses "moat" barrier with adjustable rain & debris deflectors. Aluminum. Threaded rod legs of galvanized steel. 

Assembly: Thread "feet" onto stand, level (directions enclosed), add oil (we use olive oil, not included). Set hive on stand.  Maintenance: periodically remove vegetation from around hive and stand feet, check oil level in feet.  We recommended you place your stand on cinder blocks or wooden beams to elevate above any surrounding vegetation.

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